Front Line Update

A long time friend of mine sent this letter to me and several other friends.  It is written by the son-in-law of her friend.  He is a Captain stationed in Afghanistan.  Pray for those on the front line.

Kyrie Elesion


Thank you so much for the wonderful care package you sent.  I received it just the other day and was so surprised!  All the items you sent are just perfect and will help me endure the last few months of my deployment.

Things are going pretty well here.  I realize the news media is worthless, uninformative and misleading so here’s some info you might be interested in from the “front line”:

    1. The Taliban is losing in a big way.  We’ve been able to stifle any kind of operations they have tried to execute.  Their recruits are poor, desperate men whose morale is as low as I’ve seen on the battlefield.  With every week that passes, Coalition soldiers take out another Taliban field commander and there isn’t much left of their command infrastructure.

    2.  The capital city of Kabul is a booming cultural center where violence is rare and open air markets and local commerce prevail.

    3.  Many Afghan tribes in the South, which is the most volatile area in the country, are fighting back against Taliban aggression and intimidation.  These people have seen what is possible and are seizing the initiative to secure their own communities.

These are major victories in this fight and every effort is being made to sustain this momentum and continue to empower the democratically elected government of Afghanistan.  We do face numerous challenges economically and socially but this government is being given the opportunity to reach out to its people across the country and we are seeing the ability of an Islamic Republic succeed at the national level.  It is now time for this process to take place at the provincial and district level and as soon as this can be accomplished, the bad guys will have few places to hide.

So, thank you for the wonderful care package.  Your generosity and thoughtfulness are appreciated by me as well as all my comrades.