The Weekend…

…was a busy one.

Friday I picked up DS to stay for an overnight visit.  Since he is a strong and able-bodied 27 year old, I put the boy to work with the hedge trimmers.  He trimmed 5 bushes and 1 weeping cherry blossom tree.  We have a Bradford Pear whose roots were too near the surface without sufficient dirt and mulch covering so the roots sprouted little off-shoots.  I sent the boy off to attack that too.  He hacked off all the shoots, covered the exposed roots with top soil and then mulched the whole thing.  He also added some mulch to another flower bed in the back of the house and pulled out all the thistles that have taken over the front flower bed.  (Last year we got a bad batch of mulch which must have been sprinkled with grass and thistle seeds!  How many ways can you say UGH?!)

The boy did a fantastic job and saved the hubster and I weeks of work.  Of course, I fed him handsomely with some of his favorite treats.

Chatted with DD who has a new classroom of tots.  One of the tots is the “first child” of a young couple who are micro-managing the child’s life.  To the extent that both parents “visit” said tot every day to play with her for an hour each afternoon.  Unfortunately, the parents do not understand the “hands off on the rest of the kids” liability issue and have taken a dislike to DD.  The mother commented proudly to DD, “My whole paycheck goes towards this child care.”  DD told me quite cynically, “Perhaps she should quit working and raise her own daughter since the whole paycheck is going to childcare.  She wouldn’t be out anything!”

Our church’s Basket Social has been scheduled for October.  Unfortunately, the woman who is supposed to head it up hasn’t been to church since Pascha and doesn’t return telephone calls left on her voice mail.  Thus last year’s “leader”  has gotten the job again. Since the Social has a green light, I’ve started crocheting with the intention of donating completed items to be raffled off or sold.

As a “Thank you for your dedication and love to our children by teaching Sunday school”  gift, the Parish Council presented me with a very, very generous $100 gift card to Barnes & Noble.   So now I am compiling my list of “must buys.”  I’m open to suggestions.

Am feeling much better now that I am managing the food allergies better.  So much so that I’ve gained back a few of the pounds I had lost 6 months ago.  I’m quite pleased.  And the hubster is really enjoying the home-baked bread. Does anyone have a nice wheat or grain bread recipe that I can make in a bread machine?

How was your weekend dear Reader?


3 thoughts on “The Weekend…

  1. And I am pleased that DS, Pete, is around to take care of the “hard” jobs. Yesterday was spent at Church, reading the paper, and watching the Mariners beat the Reds.

  2. Nowhere near as exciting as yours: enjoy spending the gift card and thanks and praise be to God for your dedication, and the dedication of all Sunday School teachers.

    What did I do?
    Hunted all around Sydney for new works shoes — I eventually found a pair I liked.
    Watched “The Prestige”: darker than I expected, but rather good.
    Played with my niece.
    Went to Matins & Divine Liturgy.

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