Since the last post…

…life has continued at a whirlwind pace.  So what else is new!  LOL!

Last week I took my Philosophy final, which only took an hour.  I was pleased with what I wrote and am anticipating a decent grade.  My history class on Ancient Rome starts tomorrow evening.  I am looking forward to that one.

The hubster and I took a little vacation to visit his sister in NYS.  It is always a relaxing time at her house.  I read and crocheted for 4 days.  Bliss!

We took in a AAA baseball game which was followed by fireworks.  That was cool!  Had a really good ale while there too.

Eating out was not great.  One morning we went out for breakfast.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat anything because the kitchen used vegetable oil for cooking/grilling.  Veggie oil most always has soy oil in it.  I had a bagel with cream cheese and coffee.  Still I ended up with a tight throat.  Another day we went for brunch.  I thought a wrap would be ‘safe.’  WRONG!  Within a couple hours my throat was very tight and I lost my voice due to the swelling.  I sounded quite raspy!  I need to think ahead better and call area restaurants before setting out.

So many blessings have occurred this past week it is impossible to list them all.  Suffice it to say:  Thanks be to God for all things!


5 thoughts on “Since the last post…

  1. Sorry Ian, I should have written that out. NYS means New York State or the State of New York. The hubster’s sister lives in a city not terribly far from Niagra Falls, if that is any help!

  2. Pardon my Antipodean ignorance, but where/what is NYS?

    Ancient Rome sounds great: my prayers.

    Sorry to read of the food issues [continued prayers], but it seems as if, in general, things are well: thanks be to God.

  3. Thanks be to God indeed! i’m glad to hear that the visit was lovely (sans food trying to close off your throat), and that your final felt good!

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