What is unfair?

In this article, Oscar Pistorius is planning to run the 400 meter race at the Norwich Union Grand Prix. The only difference is Oscar will be racing against “able bodied” runners. Oscar is disabled. When a child, he had to have both legs amputated below the knee due to the lack of the fibulas. He races on carbon fiber blades. He hopes to make it to the Olympic level. Unfortunately, it appears that there are those who say he has an unfair advantage by running on the curved blades.

What I want to know is this. How is it that an athletic organization (it is unclear to me if it is the IAAF or not), or even other athletes are complaining Oscar has an unfair advantage when there are so many athletes who have, and are, competing using anabolic steroids? You will remember Ben Johnson and the fiasco surrounding his Olympic race. Of course, Flo-Jo’s premature death caused speculation of drug use. And don’t even get me started on Barry Bonds, who in my mind should have been removed from baseball a long time ago for illegal steriod use.

Frankly, I don’t think any athlete has any room to complain when it comes to the argument of Oscar’s competing. If Oscar beats any of them, I say “You GO Oscar…all the way to the Olympics!!” Yee-haw!