One thing about me, I am very observant.  Yup!  I observe that it has been a dang long time since my last post!  YIKES!  And of course you ask, “So Philippa, what have you been up to all this time?”  Philippa pauses and replies, “Ya know…I don’t remember…I have however been informed that I have started menopause!”  THAT, dear readers, explains it all!!!  No longer can I remember anything!  My memory is going…along with a whole lot else!  LOL!

This morning I had a routine doc visit.  Blood work came back stellar!  The doc was most pleased, as was I, that the cholesterol has dropped from 201 to 185.  Amazing what an organic diet and not eating at restaurants will do!  And, sadly…lack of chocolate.  But I’m working on that…so shhhhhh…don’t tell the doc.  All blood levels are happily normal.  No wonder I feel so good.  Now if I could only get rid of the tight throat, I’d be really thrilled.  But as I a said to the doc, “I’ll take what I can get!”

Daughter had a car accident last evening after work.  It had just finished a torrential downpour of rain and you drivers know how slick macadam can be after rain fall on it after a humid and sultry day.  She was coming down a slight hill and going into a left curve.  The car hydroplaned.  The right front tire hit the curb and the car flew up into the grass after spinning around.  She missed two very, very large trees by mere inches.  Thanks be to God the girl wears her seatbelt ALL THE TIME, thus she was unhurt – other than her ego.   I’d rather that be bruised than her body, if you know what I mean. 

The contents of her car flew all over.  (It’s like a bloody closet on wheels!  What IS it with young people and loads of crap in their cars?!)  We have since spoken about this issue, with my reminding her that trunks are for junk…not back seats.  Many people stopped to offer assistance.  She called us first, then the tow truck.  She did quite a bit of damage to the wheel.  The rim is quite bent up, the tire is beat up, and the whole thing is shoved against the rear inner fender.  I’m not looking forward to the price of repair.  Since we were driving in her direction to get to the airport, we got her first, then went to drop the boys at the hotel.  Their flight was early this morning.

Lousy way to spend mother/daughter time, but hey…I’ll take what I can get.  So we dropped the boys, and chatted all the way home.  It was nice to see her. 

The boys are spending the weekend in Bean Town and have tickets to see the Sox play.  Unbeknownst to son, they have tickets for the game tonight too, which is a surprise.  Hubster is really excited to be springing that “extra” on the boy.

And I get a nice quiet weekend at home.  Reading for my history class on Ancient Rome, cleaning, laundry, food shopping, gardening and crocheting.  Pure bliss!

Update:  Heard from the auto repair shop.  Repairs will cost upwards of $1100 when all is said and done.  And cheap fix when one thinks of what could have been.  Hospital bills are much more costly.



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  1. I am so glad our Granddaughter was not hurt. Saying Jesus, I trust in You. works for me. I think the daily prayers do also. Aaaaah Mother and Daughter time together, I remember it well.

  2. I suppose that most parents have been through that – not mine. One snowy day D decided to show the younger ones how to drive on ice. That didn’t last long as they ended up close to a pole than planned. AND I guess it is hard for my generation to think in terms of your generation reaching “maturity”. Best wishes in your summe studies.

  3. Glad she’s OK. Tell her to be aware that aches and pains can show up days after a wreck. We got a call like that one day. Our son had been in a wreck, but he was OK. Makes all the other problems seem like nothing in contrast.

  4. So glad she was okay. I totally know what you mean about messy cars and mother/daughter time.

    Enjoy the peaceful week. It sounds heavenly.

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