Potter Update *No Spoilers*

Okay, so I’m up to page 200.  Not bad so far.  Moving a little slowly in the beginning.  Will require a re-read of Book 6 then Book 7 again to get the characters all straight.  I’m getting confused as to who is related to whom.

Gotta read Tacitus for tomorrow nights class…sigh…how difficult it is to determine one’s priorities.

Of course, Harry’s won out for the time being!


2 thoughts on “Potter Update *No Spoilers*

  1. I’m forwarding you a copy of Karyn’s e-mail about her’s and Willie’s twins. Paul tells me that Louise is almost though; David has put his copy aside for other more pressing duties, Pete is busy reading it while working at getting supper; Ken declares that a copy at Costco actually “leaped” into his hands. I’m sure Jon and Natalie have a copy if not Cecilia. As for me I’ve only read the synopses printed in the daily paper. It will take more than going back to volumes 6 & 7.

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