The End

Okay…I’ll confess…I cried through the last two chapters of HP7. Geesh…what a great ending.


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  1. Snape is a fantastic character; complex and riveting. And his name is an anagram for “Pursues Evans” — which, like so much of this series, was very clever on Rowling’s part.

  2. Like Mimi and yourself I liked the information on Albus: it was very interesting and great to see the continuation of the no-one is fully good / evil.

    I’d love a new book on what happened to all of the characters: the Durselys, Luna, the teachers… A great series.

  3. My thoughts on your questions are:

    Victorie is definitely Fleur and Bill’s daughter.
    Teddy lived with his grandmother – Harry was only 17, so he’d not be a good father and was still unemployed. And, she definitely loved him. But, I liked that Harry was involved in his raising, as it paralleled what happend with him, but in a loving way instead of the abandonment that he’d feeled.

    And, I liked that Dumbeldore, like all of us, wasn’t a saint, nor horrible.

    I definitely want to re-read the whole series now that I know how it ends.

  4. Elizabeth, I have a lot of questions too. Not only about the Dursleys, though Snape’s thoughts helped explain Petunia (who apparently was an idiot from the get-go), but I found Fred’s death gratuitous. I thought JKR just killed him off for someone to kill off, if you know what I mean.

    I thought the telling of Dobby’s death very moving. I don’t know why it shocked me so much but it did. I bawled over that one!

    In the epilogue, who is Victorie? Is she Fleur and Bill’s daughter?

    Why didn’t Teddy Lupin live with Harry since Harry was his godfather? I also thought it completely unnecessary to kill off both Tonks and Remus. And who the heck raised Teddy then?!

    The gnarled life of Albus Dumbledore was satisfying. Seeing that he was not a “saint” was good. He struggled with bad choices just like the rest of the “world.”

    I received a certain bit of smug satisfaction to have had the goods on Snape! LOL! JKR gave some strong hints about Snape through Book 5 and 6. I will confess…Snape is my favorite character by far.

    I’m sure I’ll think of some other things. I definitely need to re-read Book 5 through 7 again though.

    Good series though. Good series.

  5. I confess, I plan to read the book at the same pace I have read all the others, a chapter or two a day so that I can savor the experience.

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