4 thoughts on “Life

  1. Oh my, could I ever relate. At one point I got so tired of searching for lost keys that I had eight copies made of my car keys and put them in different rooms in the house. That way whenever I couldn’t find the ones I had last I’d just grab a different set! Now I have a car with a combination lock on the door so I just leave my keys IN the car at all times and use the combination to get in.

    However, there’s still plenty of OTHER stuff that I am continually looking for… it used to frustrate me to no end but lately I’ve found I almost always find lost item B, C or D while searching frantically for item A. So I’m learning to trust the process.

  2. Sweetie! You inherited the large part of the pie from you Dad. Now when he puts thing away he has afolder in his computer to tell him where it is.

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