Feast of the Dormition

Didn’t get to church last night due to studying for a final exam. Didn’t get there this morning due to work. Sigh.

I was reminded though, that on this day my dear Grandmom Rosie would go to the beach to put her toes in the water because it has been said that the waters are blessed today due to the Assumption of the Holy Theotokos and healing occurs. Of course Grandmom Rosie was Roman Catholic. But so what.

I didn’t get to the ocean either.


Holy Theotokos pray for us!


Update:  Today Mom reminded me of the correct family story.  Thus I post it here with thanks!

You got your Grammies mixed up Angel.  Gram Gertrude spent a lot of time at Beach Haven with family. Every one was sure to be there to put their feet in the ocean on the Assumption of th Blessed Virgin Mary.  Gram Rosie said people would go out in boats along the coast of Italy [note: Gram Rosie was born/raised in Italy] to get wet because the priests would bless the ocean.  Gram Gertrude said that the whole ocean became blessed and all who went into the water would receive the blessing.  She would even bring water home with her to bless the kids and babies who couldn’t go.


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