Vacation, Rain & Relaxation

Today I am in the third day of vacation.  What bliss it is to write that sentence!  LOL!

Saturday the hubster and I departed our little abode to head south and east to the beach.  It is the same beach area that we have vacationed at for the last 20 years.  What makes it fun is we share a “cottage” with the hubster’s immediate family.  So my MIL, FIL, niece, hubster’s brother and wife, hubster’s sister, me and the hubster are all under the same roof.  DS and his girlfriend, DD and her boyfriend spent the weekend with us but due to work schedules left Sunday night to return home.

The “cottage” we have rented is not a “cottage” anymore.  The owners have redone the interior, expanding the kitchen, enclosing the back porch creating a TV room, and redecorating the main living room.  It is delightful and has all the amenities of home…down to wireless internet!  YIKES!  LOL!

We have more food in the refrigerator than we know what to do with.  Snacks abound.  We’ve had a rousing game of Mexican Train (dominoes game) where I was resoundingly crushed under 400 points!  We are into our second puzzle already.  The first was completed in a mere 36 hours. 

The weather is yucky.  It is cool and humid.  Last night we had a downpour of rain with bright lightening and booming thunder.  Thus beach time has been severely limited.  We managed to get about 2 hours on the beach yesterday early afternoon but were chased off by high tide at 1:45 p.m., which came in all the way up to the dunes fencing.  According to the weather forecast, we may get beach time Thursday and Friday.  But as I said to my co-worker, I don’t care what the weather is!  I am at the beach.  I can breathe the sea air.  I am not at home.  It will be delightful!

I have slept the clock round each night so far.  Clearly I am exhausted and need the rest.  I’ve gotten 10 lessons finished for Sunday school, which will take me straight to St. Nicholas Day.  I’ve read more of St. Silouan.  I’ve written up some reflection notes for Fr. T about the woman’s retreat and Mother Raphaela.  I am also almost through Master of Souls by Peter Tremayne.  (The latest saga of Sister Fidelma the dailaigh.)

Must run!  I feel the need of another oatmeal raisin cookie coming on!  I’ll post again I am sure.


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  1. Sounds like great fun. I’m leaving Saturday for Portland and then to Hillsboro to visit with Will and Paul and families. My first plane trip since 9-11, and I now understand why it was so much better when Betty and I drove out there. Continue to relax, and listen to MIMI.

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