Today I saw a nutritionist with the intention of getting help with my diet now that there are so many foods that I am allergic to.  It was a good meeting.

She had this neat little scale thingy with silver metal plate that you stand on in your bare feet.   They send little electrical impulses through your body and the machine calculates your weight, body mass index, fat content, etc.  Very cool to watch the little machine spit out a tape like a grocery store receipt with all the figures on it.

It concluded that though I am in the normal range of everything including weight, it is the “low” normal range.  Low enough that if I was any lower, even by one point, I would be in the “malnourished” range.  Soooooo…that means I am now on a weight gain diet.  Oh yippee.

Now, I know how that may sound.  “Oh how I wish someone would tell me that!  I could eat whatever I wanted!!!”  Folks, it is not as easy as it sounds. Especially when you add the facts that most fruits are off limits to me now, as are all the lovely processed foods that everyone enjoys, as are most if not nearly all restaurants.  Frankly, it is frustrating.

As I discussed all this with the nutritionist, I got rather emotional and teary.  She told me that food is a very emotionally connected thing.   Whether it be to gain, lose, or manage weight – emotions are connected to it.  And I must allow myself to feel some grief.  It sounds rather silly to me though.

The last 6 months I have realized how much of our lives and the things we do revolve around food.  Picnics on the 4th of July, restaurants to celebrate anniversaries/birthday, walks through the zoo with a hotdog or soft pretzel with mustard.   Who doesn’t look forward to strawberry picking season and putting one sun-warmed strawberry in your mouth for every 3 in the bucket?  Going to the beach and having Fisher’s caramel corn with peanuts or greasy french fries.  Or making homemade applesauce and cider on a crisp Fall day?  What Christmas season isn’t chock full of one party after another with egg nog, specially made cookies and desserts?  Or even Pascha and nutrolls or Pascha bread!  These are all off limits now.

The nutritionist had some very good suggestions for me which I will be implementing.  She also agreed with my thoughts on getting a second opinion on the food allergies, especially since I continue to struggle with acid reflux in the larynx area.

I will need to eat all the time and not allow my stomach to get empty.  Empty stomachs create more acid and no food to press against the sphincter muscle in the stomach to keep it closed allows acid to slide up the esophagus.

On a really positive note, she said there are vegan chocolate bars out there!  That I am going to have to find since I cannot purchase regular chocolate since it has soy in it.

I hope I can get over the feeling that this all just seems so silly to be emotional about.


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  1. WOW! You’re so right about food being a part of every celebration. Hope you can find some food that will help you feel like celebrating instead of worrying about it making you sick.

  2. [edited by blog owner] I cannot fathom what is happing to our family. I’m so sorry you are having such problems. [edited by blog owner]

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