Back to School

Tonight started the Fall semester.  If all goes according to plan, it will be my LAST Fall semester as I hope to be all done with the under-grad degree by next August!

The class I attended tonight was Elementary Spanish.  Now mind you, I’ve had 4 years of high school Spanish – 30 years ago.  Actually, I was surprised at how much I remembered and how much I understood of what el profesor said.

Unfortunately, I was 10 minutes late for class.  First, because I couldn’t find the stupid classroom (the door was practically under the steps!)  but largely because I couldn’t get my car started.  Argh!!!  I had driven it all day with nary a problem.  Tonight, it just wouldn’t turn over.  Nada.  Zilch.  Just the little battery light coming on and going bzzz, bzzzz.  Radio works.  Interior light works.  A/C works.  Can’t get the thing out of park.  Gonna have it towed.

Great way to make a first impression with el profesor.

Hey…maybe I’ll get good enough in Spanish to write a post or two!  Ha!



2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Como esta? Estoy muy bien, gracias.
    Donde esta? Esta en la escuela.

    I think that is right anyway. That’s what I can remember. That and a few choice words that no one needs to know. 🙂 Buena suerte in la ???
    Como se dice “studies” in Espanol?

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