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This sent by one of the more news-aware members of the family (and one with a great sense of humor who shall remain unnamed unless s/he wishes to be given credit for the news piece!!)

There was an interesting bit of news last evening. It seems that someone used a motorized cart at the local food store in a hazardous manner.

A guy on crutches came into the store with his wife (it is assumed), got into one of those carts for the handicapped, and drove into the store. For some reason, he began to drag race up and down the aisles, creating havoc all along the way. (He must have been remembering the times when he drove those bumper cars as a kid.)

Anyway, his wife went running after him, yelling to the top of her voice: “BE YOU HAVE SELF!!!!!!” ( Must be Spanish grammar she’s studying at college!) After practically impaling several people with his crutches, he headed for the exit. His “wife” had already ran out of the store.

The store manager and several clerks followed at a fast pace. She was already in the car with the motor running when the guy managed to get into the passenger seat as she backed out into the exit lane, knocking the manager flat. Police are still trying to locate the car and occupants. Meanwhile, the manager is recuperating in the hospital.

It has been suggested that governors be installed on all motorized carts so that such occurrences do not happen again.


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