When you thought you saw it all, they come out with something like this!

I need to get me one of ‘dem!


Props to Thormonger


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  1. Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! A good piece of satire from the Lutherans (Reformation (“real”) Protestants) on “Evangelicals” (ersatz Protestants).

    There is only one problem. Some Evangelicals DO think like the poster depiction, but this fomat is not long enough to do it justice. In short, most Evangelicals bow down before the Alimighty Dollar and Almighty America, with a bow to The Book (any resemblence between this poorly-translated screed and the Holy Bible is purely coincidental and accidental). (An Unholy Trinity mocking the Holy Trinity?… something to think about.) Christ? He is lost in the shuffle, far down in the pack.

    It does make one wonder what kind of “baggage” recent converts are carrying with them into the Church…



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