bri-2.jpg..22nd Birthday to DD!!

mount-athos-flower.jpg…50th Wedding Anniversary to my Mother and Daddy! 

Married September 14, 1957!

I love you all!


7 thoughts on “Happy…..

  1. Dear Heart! How very thoughtful to include Daddy and I on your blog as we celebrate 50 Years of marriage. We both have said we would have picked each other again way back there in time.
    We are extremely blest because of our three fabulous children and their husbands who in turn have blest us with 8 beautiful grandchildren.

    GOD bless all your wonderful bloggers who have included us in their Prayers and good wishes. Thank You

  2. Oh, congratulations to all, and many years! Mimi’s reaction was my first reaction, too — my second was, what a pretty girl your daughter is!

  3. How sweet. Happy birthday and happy anniversary to your parents.

    My parents were married almost exactly 2 years after your parents – on Sept 12th.

  4. What a gift you gave your parents 22 years ago! Beautiful daughter, she has gorgeous hair! And, happy Anniversary to your parents. Many Years to everyone!

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