A Soul’s Conversation with the Lord Jesus Christ

I would like to share this item with you all.  It was written by a Valaam monk, and was in a 1997 edition of “Orthodox America” newspaper that my friend gave me.  She knows I like to read this stuff.  I found this particularly…um….striking for lack of a better word.  Like an ice cube down the back of one’s shirt…if you know what I mean.  =========================

Lord, make me Thy disciple.  Teach me to heal the sick; teach me to feed the crowds with a few pieces of bread, teach me to work miracles for Thy glory.

O man, if you desire to become My disciple, know this:  You will not walk on the waters or conquer the world with a single word; you will not become a famous benefactor of humanity…  Instead, people close and dear to you will take you and bind you and lead you…  Have you guessed where?  Yes, they will lead you to be crucified.  Just as they once did Me.  But if you truly want to be My disciple, then, even as you are crucified, you must bring into the world the word of truth and love.  And even from the Cross to pray to Me that mercy be shown to your tormentors.  This is that great miracle that I can teach you.  Now, do you still wish to be My disciple?

Yes, my Saviour, I want to be Thy disciple.  And although I will not turn water into wine, or walk upon the waters, or multiply bread, but rather I must crucify my flesh with its passions and lustful desires, nevertheless, there beyond Golgotha, I already glimpse the dawn of Thy Resurrection.  And I believe that if Thou madest me Thy disciple, Thou wilt also certainly teach me how to attain the eternal joy of Resurrection, through transfiguration and deification…  O my All-good God, make me Thy disciple.

Very well, O man, be thou My disciple.  Here is your first lesson:  Always remember that Judas, who betrayed Me, was also My disciple…


9 thoughts on “A Soul’s Conversation with the Lord Jesus Christ

  1. I am sorry that this paper is no longer in publication. It is excellent and I am cutting out all kinds of articles to save.

    Vara and Melanie, thanks for stopping by the blog! Please visit again.

    Vara, thank you for your circumspection with regard to your comment. I appreciate that very much.

  2. The last line makes one think, especially in the light of recent events in church life in these United States. Not all who cry “Lord, Lord”, shall be admitted into the Kingdom (or so the Scripture says). I won’t mention names or jurisdictions, but “the handwrting IS on the wall”.


  3. I used to get Orthodox America before it ceased publication (a *great* loss to the Orthodox world, in my opinion), and I remember this one. Great analogy, about the ice cube down the back. Startling enough to realize that being Christ’s disciple will get you crucified, but that last line — yowza.

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