Evening Bells


By:  Mikhail Nesterov

Sent to me by a “blog” friend.  I love this painting.  It is so profound.

Further thoughts:  The axiom, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true for me in this painting.  Sometimes I like to make up stories to go with a picture or painting.  I am sure the painter doesn’t appreciate that, but…oh well.

The bent back of this dear Great Schema monk speaks of years of toil and burden.  It is almost like I can feel the aching hips, the sore feet, the stitch in the side as one labors up the slight incline.

Can you hear the bells ringing?  They are not so loud as to hurt the ears, but they are enough to tug one’s heart towards prayer.

And in a tight grip, the Great Schema monk holds the Light up high to dispel the twilight…the end of the day yet not quite night…the time when it seems hardest to see.

Listen for the bell.  It is always ringing.  It is always calling us to prayer.  No matter how tired we are, no matter how bent our back is under the burden of the day, no matter how little light there is…

…the LIGHT of God, our Savior, leads us to Himself.

“Come to me all who are heavy burdened and I shall give you rest.”


3 thoughts on “Evening Bells

  1. Angel Girl, I was able to blow up this pictureon my PC and just stare at it in parts , then all over. Amazing. And your perception was beautiful. I wouldn’t mind having a print of this in a room where I do my menditation.
    Meg mentioned “Taking on the Veil” sounds like something else I would like to see. Love You

  2. I bet I know who it reminds you of. 😉

    I just love Nesterov’s paintings. Look up “Taking the Veil” on Google — I got someone to chart out a detail of this painting for me to cross stitch, when I get a few other projects done (sometime in the next half millennium…).

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