Eliot & 99 Days

If you’ve not seen this, you need to.

Glory to God Forever!  Blessed be His Holy Name!

Thanks Matt, for sharing the link.


4 thoughts on “Eliot & 99 Days

  1. Vara ~ to a certain degree I understand the grief which may ease a bit with years but never completely goes.

    Uncle Curmudge ~ thank you for sharing your story. I was unaware of your loss.

  2. Thanks for this link. It is heart warming and touching. Our twins (boy and girl) survived less than a day. I have not pictures. A friend and I had a committal of them in a borrowed grave in Hopkinton, Mass. They were born in June of 1957 and I had a massive heart attack in November that year. I’ve sometimes though that Godf had Betty in mind having to care for pre-term twins and a sick husband. And I wonder, now, about their reunion in heaven.

  3. I was nine years old when I lost a baby brother. At the time, I could not understand it. Of course, the church ritual helped us through it, for at least that required no thought. But, yet… Why? Why, God? Why this?

    Such an event scars a family. Yes, one can get thorough the grief, yes, one does sense the presence of the Almighty, but, it leaves a hole in the family circle not to be repaired this side of the veil. Let no one tell you it is easy… it is not, emphatically not. Words cannot express it, in fact. That was over forty years ago, yet, I still have no words to share on this part of my life. Some things are simply THERE, and that is all there is to say.


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