Hungry…who me?!

Since I’ve been lacking in blog fodder for some time now, I decided to tag myself on this cute idea cribbed from XeniaKathryn at The Daily Grab Bag

You take the letters in your name and share a food-related factoid for each one.  I’ll use my RL name. 

T – Tastykake Chocolate Cupcakes or Peanutbutter Tandykakes:  These have to be the best tasting cupcakey type thingys I’ve eaten in my entire life.  I LOVE them.  The chocolate cupcakes are milk chocolate cake with sweet milk chocolate icing.  They are sold two in a pack.  The Tandykakes are yellow cake that is “heavy”, a layer of peanut butter, all of which is dipped into sweet milk chocolate.  Sigh.  Sooooo goooodd!!  To my surprise, I found out they are native to the Philadelphia area.  So the first time I moved away from home and looked for them in the foodstore, they were no where to be found.  That was quickly remedied with a phone call home saying, “Mail me a stash!!”  Sadly, I can no longer enjoy this culinary delight due to food allergies.  But I can remember!  Oh, can I remember!

R – Ravioli:  My grandmother Rosie used to make fresh pasta from scratch.  I would come home from school and find broom sticks propped across the kitchen chairs with strings and strands of loooooong spaghetti hanging over to stretch and dry before freezing.  For treats she made ravioli.  Only they were not tiny ones like you get in the freezer section of the store.  Nope.  Not with Grandmom.  She made her ravioli 4 inches square, stuffed with creamy ricotta and mozzarella cheese liberally sprinkled with parmesan, parsely and garlic.  Unbelieveable! 

U – Unflavored Gelatin:  Back in the day, there was a little known factoid that drinking unflavored gelatin would make your nails hard.  I cannot tell you how many high school girls tried this.  Ugh.  Note to self:  never again!

D – Donuts:  One year when the hubster was Pastor of the Youth at our old church, a trip was planned to take the group to the west coast for a conference.  Fundraising was the modus operandi for the year prior.  One idea some brilliant youth leader came up with to raise funds was to make fresh doughnuts for FaschNaut Day.  Have you ever made doughnuts from scratch?  Let me advise you…don’t!  They got so many orders that they started cooking 24 hours ahead of time, cooked through the night (literally – someone was cooking all night long) and into the next day.  The amount made in sales did not out weight the amount of man hours.  But baby…they were the best doughnuts in the universe!

Y – Yellow Tomatoes:  I have recently discovered this lovely little fruit (or are they veggies?).  Very nice flavor.  Not tart like a red tomato, nor as acidic; therefore, much more tummy friendly.  Especially delicious on homemade bread (toasted), with canola mayo, a little salt, and lettuce.  YUM!

There you have it dear readers.  I won’t tag anyone, but hope there will be some takers!


6 thoughts on “Hungry…who me?!

  1. OOh, I need to track down some tandycakes too!

    We all make raviolis by hand for Christmas dinner. They. Are. THE BEST! I never appreciated them growing up, but now they are just heavenly. Sounds like my dad’s family recipe and your aunt’s recipe are similar!

    Every year we have a new host of Christmas dinner guests… I think partly because our family is pretty nice, but mainly because they’ve caught wind of our ravioli feast…! 🙂

    Mmm. Now I’m counting down the days to Christmas!

  2. Please send me mimi’s address and I will send her one each of the Tandy cakes so she can decide which she likes the best. Nobody should go on living without ever having taste ing these delectible treats. They are great frozen also.

  3. Hmm… Should we takee the Russian or English spelling of my name? Both?! THAT would be too much of a good thing!

    V is for Varenyki, AKA pierogies. Slavic Comfort Food of the Gods. Make mine with a filling of farmer’s cheese and potatoes, coated with God’s butter (not Satan’s margarine), covered with sour cream. Yum… My idea of heaven on Cristmas and Easter! Oh, to remember making these with baba and dede! (Do these taste best whilst you are playing a recording of the Don Cossack Chorus singing “Vechernyi Zvon” (every Russian-American “of a certain age” knows what I mean!)?)

    A is for Arab coffee, best taken after the meal, with a shot of brandy on the side. This is after the cheese and fruit. No… do NOT pour the brandy into the coffee… take them seperately and thank God for the goodness of His Creation.

    R is for Rossolye, a tart Russian soup best on a cold winter day with a slab of dark bread with a glass of tea. It has a little bit of everything in it. Eat this with your Palekh spoon. This makes me feel SO Russian.

    V is for Vinagret, a nice salad of potatoes and beets, a good start to any meal. This keeps in the icebox for AGES. I don’t think it ever goes bad.

    A is for Apples, best paired with a nice sharp cheese. If you can ally this with a hard cider… need I say more?

    R is for Raspberries, plucked straight from the bush and popped in the mouth. One of the striaght-up and simple pleasures.

    A is for Arbuz! What is arbuz, you ask? It’s simply Russian for watermelon, God’s answer to the question: “What is the best ending to an alfreco picnic in the country”? This tastes very good in a social setting, it is best with a crowd. Best taken with a shot of vodka, neat. A lakeside venue at dusk with a fire is very nice, but not necessary.

    Pray for this sinner.


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