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Fr. John Whiteford posts an article written about JK Rowling and the Christian undertones in the HP Series.  Reader beware!  Spoiler alert!  Of course, poor observer that I am…I missed all the undertones in the first few books.  I really need to go back and re-read all of them.

Fr. Peter, who also serves as an EMT, has written about the multiple deaths of young people in his community due to cell phone use during driving.  While it is not clear to me, it seems that text messaging while driving is one of the main reasons.  Of course, I could be wrong.

Since public confession is good for the soul…sigh…mea culpa.  Once!  ONLY ONCE! did I text while at a red-light.  I shall no more!  Better…I may just turn the phone off while driving as that is probably the safest measure.  There is nothing that important that cannot wait until I am standing still for more than 30 seconds.


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  1. When Krissy was trailering Shiloh down to Cornell for me she was texting away most of the trip. It made me incredibly nervous, but I felt I was in an awkward position and didn’t know how to ask her to please stop doing that since I was stuck in the car with her for 2 hours down and back. I really can’t believe how much people do this! Of course, I’ve also seen people reading the newspaper or putting on makeup while driving, and that’s gotta be equally dangerous…

  2. My friend who is a paramedic here in the UK tells me that a lot of accidents are caused by people checking for text messages. Girls sending guys topless shots are particularly guilty. She also says the number of minor injuries in kids has gone up since roller-trainers became a craze.

  3. Makes sense to me! I saw a guy riding down the streets of Helena riding a motorcycle talking on a cell phone. Oh, he was wearing a cowboy straw hat and open sleeve shirt.

    I thought he was up for a Darwin Award for certain!

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