Goin’ a visitin’

Today the hubster and I visited with his Mom and Dad who live near the middle of the State.  It is always a nice time. 

We met them at Cracker Barrel, which is an easy off/on the major highway route to their home, for lunch.  We had a lovely lunch and chattered the entire time.  Afterwards we returned to their apartment, where the hubster helped Dad flip their mattress so it would get even wear.  Then the hubster went through the ankle surgery photos he emailed to his Dad, explaining what was going on and the ‘tendon gobber’ (aka cyst) that was removed.  Yes, that is an ‘official’ term according to the Physician’s Assistant who has been seeing the hubster post surgery.  Then we spent another hour just chatting and catching up on events in their campus community.  Mom and Dad have lived in a CCRC (continuing care retirement community) for 14 years and have truly enjoyed it.

It was nice to see Dad feeling much more rested and alert after using a c-pap breathing machine every night for his sleep apnea.  His doctor said he has much more oxygen in his system, clearly a good thing!  And Mom is as good as ever!

A good day had by all.


One thought on “Goin’ a visitin’

  1. Hello my name is Benjamin. I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I have been battling with my insurance company and they are not going to help me get a bipap machine because it is a pre-existing condition. I am trying to get one used online. I set up a website to try to tell my story and hopefully make enough from the ads to purchase a bipap machine. The last sleep study I went to told me that if I did not get a machine, I was headed for a heart attack in 5 years. I am 36. I appreciate anyone who makes the effort to spread the word. I would like to try to set up a way for the uninsured to get cpap and bipap machines without insurance. Thanks Very Much

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