Do you remember?


45’s!  I remember many a summer day spent with girlfriends creating dance routines to different music played on an old 45 record player.


These plastic widgets were put in the center of a 45 record in order to play it on a traditional record player.


My favorites were Tweekbury gum and Razzle Dazzle bubble gum!  YUM!


And who didn’t want to find candy cigarettes in your Christmas stocking and a set of Tinker Toys under the tree!


Remember telephone numbers that began with a word rather than a number?  Kingswood 5-5252 abbreviated to KI 5 – 5252.  I remember the first time my son saw a telephone like this one.  He looked at it and asked, “How do you call someone?  There are no buttons to push!”  He had the hardest time using the dial!


Metal ice trays with a lever to release the ice.


Gum wrapper chains.  Weren’t you supposed to make them the height of your boyfriend and if you did then he was the one you were going to marry? 


And my MOST FAVORITE of all!  Topo Gigio!!!!!  The little Italian mouse who was on the Ed Sullivan Show.  View an excerpt here.  And to my everlasting joy I have discovered he is still around!!!  Oh my!  And Christmas is coming!!  

I love Topo Gigio!


8 thoughts on “Do you remember?

  1. Even though Topo Gigio was before my time, I remember my parents pointing him out during television specials that recounted old, Ed Sullivan shows.

    Granted, it may just be the small size of the video, but with an appreciation for computer animation, I’m amazed at how “life-like” his mannerisms were. Blinking eyes, skipping, moving hands, mouth motions and articulated head . . . amazing.

  2. Hmm… I can remember no cable TV, MIcky Dee’s was a rarity and novelty, people sweated in the summer, FM was a rarity until the late 60s… am I THAT old (I am only 53!)?

    Oh, yes… NO COMPUTERS!

    A piece of 45 rpm trivia. I spoke French, so I listened to French 45s. Unlike American 45s, French 45s had four songs each! I’m still a fan of Jean Ferrat and Mireille Matthieu!

  3. And how you had to be careful to not jump near the record player because it’d make it skip.

    I still love Black Jack, I pick it up whenever they re-release it. Yum!

  4. I remember Topo Gigio. When I went to Italy when I was about 7 (1971) he was everywhere and I begged my mother to buy me one from a market stall but she wouldn’t. He looked a little different from the one in your photo but he was the same guy.

    And I remember the box record players too. And phones with dials and letters though by the time I could use one the letters were obsolete. I told my friend’s daughter about the locks our mothers used to buy for them and how we picked them with bobby pins and nail files – she sighed and admitted that technology isn’t all good as its much harder to guess a security number than pick a lock!

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