News: Good & Bad

Good news:

1)  One must have 34 credit units to graduate from Muhlenberg College, where I am a student.  One class equals one credit unit.

2)  One may transfer in a maximum of 17 credit units.  I was able to transfer in 16.

3)  I am registered for spring ’08 semester; taking a required history class (Reading Seminar) which will be on Richard Nixon and the 20th Century.  I will also take Elementary Spanish II.  Once done, these classes will put me in the position of needing only two more classes to finish the required classes needed to graduate, which I anticipated to be August 2008.

Bad news:

1)  After the required classes are done, I still need 7 more credit units.

2)  Graduation won’t be August 2008.  Sigh. 

3)  I will be able to “walk” in May 2009 and will need to take one more class in summer session I 2009 after which my dipolma will be mailed to me in October 2009.

Therefore, rather than having 9 months more of school, I have 19 months more of school.

Conclusion:  Crap.  Sigh.  Oh well…slogging on.  LOL!


7 thoughts on “News: Good & Bad

  1. My Dear Angel. You canbe sure I will be praying really hard for you as you continue with your successes. I don’t know why there are set backs, sometimes they work themselves out and it turns you can travel anoter road toward your goal. Write a prayer to the Father ,Son and Holy Spirit, take a straight pin and stick it in your Bible then fold up your letter signing it you faithful servent ,put it in the place marked by the pin date your letter and staple it closed and put it in the Bible. , and forget about it . This is for God’s eyes alone. HE will give you what HE thinks you should have and when HE thinks youshould have it
    My Jesus “I trust in you Completely” God bless you my darling daughter.

  2. Can you take a “miniterm” course? When I was working my my master’s degree, I took a “miniterm” elective course just to speed things up a bit. A “miniterm” is about two weeks long, all day each day; usually scheduled between regular semesters or quarters. It’s a good way to rack up three hours quickly in an elective course. You might want to consult your college catalogue and/or calendar to see if Muhlenberg offers miniterms.

    {{Hugs}} “All things come to those who wait.”

  3. Bummer indeed! You need something to lift your spirits. . . like a new pair of shoes or a bubble bath by candle light.

  4. Keep slugging away at it. One day you’ll wake up and you’ll have your degree! I finished mine “later” as well and know the feeling. Just grit your teeth…..

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