Feliz de Accion de Gracias

I love the way the Spanish say “Happy Thanksgiving.”  Translated it is Happy Action of Thanks.

Giving thanks is an action.  It requires thought and follow-through.  To that end, I have given some thought to what I am thankful for from last Thanksgiving to this Thanksgiving, a year which had many difficulties.  But one that also had many smiles.

A year ago, nearly to the day, our son was in the depths of despair, depression and struggle.  Today he is employed with a great job and has a lovely ‘girl.’  Thanks be to God.

Our daughter has a good job where she is well liked by both parents and boss.  She got a raise.  She is tending to health issues.  Thanks be to God.

My own health issues continue to be untangled and attended to.  Thanks be to God.

The hubster came through ankle tendon repair surgery and was discharged from physical therapy yesterday.  He has no limp.  He has no numbness.  He will be playing golf tomorrow.  He has a job which continues to hold his interest and one in which he feels he is contributing and making a difference.  Thanks be to God.

I have a home that keeps me dry and warm and is beautiful – more than I deserve and need.  Thanks be to God.

I have a parish that I love, a priest/spiritual father who is pious and caring, and friends there.  Thanks be to God.

I have a Canadian monastic friend, whose young face graces the top of this blog, though the current face isn’t so young any longer.  He is my spiritual big brother.  He prays for me, makes me laugh, makes me cry, is teaching me to pray and to love all the Saints, especially Blessed Fr. Sophrony Sakarov.  Thanks be to God.

I have “real life” and “cyber” friends who have befriended me and whom I have befriended.  Thanks be to God.

There is much more to give thanks for.  These are just the few things that come to mind in a manner of minutes.  What are you thankful for this year dear Readers?  What comes to your mind when you say “I am thankful for….”?


5 thoughts on “Feliz de Accion de Gracias

  1. I am thankfurl for my life. Im still in recovery but Praise the Lord, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I am also thankful for my three children ,their spouses and all my grandbabes. I am thankful to all the wonder ful bloggers whose input gives me more cause to be thankfu. Hence I raise you all uo into God’s arms that he will protece & bless youa ll always

    Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving

  2. Bog blagoslovit! May God bless! Shchastlivyeye prazdnikom! Happy Holiday! Many sisterly hugs and cheers from your “cyber-friend”, and may the love and prayers of all of us in the pleroma strengthen you.

    Pray for this sinner.


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