The “Politically Correct” police strike again.

The Lehigh Valley has a new Triple A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies named “The Iron Pigs.”  After all, Bethlehem was home to The Steel thus it seemed the fun thing to name the team such as it is. 

Then came the contest to name the team’s mascot, a big gray furry pig.  A five year old won the contest with the suggested name “Pork Chop.”  To most people, this makes sense.  What person doesn’t love a juicy pork chop cooked on the grill or served with mashed potatoes and gravy?  How many people have had a pet named Pork Chop.  In my mind, the nickname of Pork Chop for a 7 foot furry pig makes a great deal of sense – and is fun at that.

Imagine my surprise to awaken to the radio news saying, “Pork Chop is no more.  Now his name is Ferrous.  Why you ask, dear reader?  Because, “A handful of complaints from Lopez and others, as well as a steamed online community, prompted team officials to change the name of the mascot for the Triple A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies to Ferrous. Team officials announced the switch midday Monday,” says the Tuesday issue of the Morning Call.  Read it here.

During our growing up years, what one of us hasn’t been called some derogatory name related to our family’s heritage?  I sure was and no doubt I gave as good as I got. 

But in order to “keep the peace” and of course make sure that tickets sales don’t plummet, the team managers changed Porkie’s name to Ferrous. 

Whatever happened to the days of fun and laughing and good-natured teasing?  Geesh.


5 thoughts on “The “Politically Correct” police strike again.

  1. Is that Ferrous as in iron or ferrous sulfate????? HE, HE, HeThis was soooo funny. People are so silly about some things. At least it gave me a good laugh.

  2. Why didn’t the team tell the interlopers to buzz off? “If you don’t like the name, don’t come to the game”. In any case, how much freedom of speech is left? I am no fan of conspiracy theories or black helicopters, but, there IS a limit.


  3. Oh for crying out loud.

    My family collects Polak jokes, on the theory that, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” As long as they didn’t call the mascot Spick, who cares?!

    Reminds me of when the Puerto Rican Liberation Front was going around blowing up sites in New York, spouting off about wanting their “freedom” from the “imperialist U.S.” That didn’t last too long — too many New Yorkers said, “HEY, GO, ALREADY!!! Who wants ya?!”

  4. Good grief! I never even heard of another meaning for the term “pork chop” other than the tasty meal entree. This society is becoming ridiculous in its “effort” to be “tolerant.”

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