Don’t mix ’em up.

These two video’s of Mike Huckabee are excellent. He is well spoken, answers the questions exactly and is right to the point. I appreciate that very much. However, since when does a presidential candidate’s debate involve religious issues? I would much rather prefer the issue of religion stay out of the political arena. In my opinion, that is skating too close to the State crossing over into the Church. Any thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Don’t mix ’em up.

  1. I agree. Who would want the government, on any level, deciding matters of a religious nature? Yet the issue comes up every year. Some candidates are judged “Too Religious” and others “Not Religous Enough.”

  2. I suspect that the major problem is that he is ordained so questions tend to lean in that direction. I’m not going toward that party anyway. Probably the only honest man in the bunch is McCain. As a matter of fact I was hoping years ago that the choices would be between McCain and Bradley.

  3. No argument here. I was extremely disturbed to see this come up — I think it plays right into the hands of Christian-haters.

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