Ya gotta love it…

…when the snow plow truck gets stuck on the slight downward slope of the cul-de-sac and can’t back up because the road is too icy.  And what does he do…puts the pedal to the floor and spins the tires!  To his credit, it worked.  But now he isn’t going to finish plowing the circle!

Sigh.  I wish this were 3 inches of snow rather than 3 inches of sleet.


6 thoughts on “Ya gotta love it…

  1. It’s rather nasty here in Albany. Friday’s commute was the commute from HELL. I fell twice on the tarmac, which was not very pleasant at all (my knees are still talking to me). Thank God, I was wearing jeans, which meant I had some measure of protection!


  2. Hi Angel, Shucks all we got was rain and a dull day. I could just picture that truck driver sounds like he didn’t know how to drive in that stuff. Poor thing.

    Perfect baking day

  3. WOW! I guess I’ll keep quiet about our dry, warm winter thus far. I do have nightmare memories about driving on ice or through howling blizzards. Say warm and dry.

  4. /sigh/ Ya know — it’s only December, not even halfway through, and I’m already sick of snow. Jim left work at 1:00 p.m. and still isn’t home, and it’s now 8:00. Haven’t heard a word out of him, either, and he usually e-mails me about his status. But even with that frustration, snow beats ice any day. Jim’s still talking about the day he helped Chris move from Philly, and they saw a car come sliding down the street towards them sideways because it had lost control on the ice. Winter is rapidly losing its charm, and when the roads are clear and the snow sparkles on the tree branches, it *does* have a certain charm — just not at the moment.

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