This is my life

Carmen over at MTTSM has a child who is food allergic to peanuts.  The post linked is my life.  Not because I have a child with food allergies, but because it is I who has the food allergies. 

Last night the hubster took me out to dinner to celebrate the good ending of my fall semester with great grades (two A’s).  We went to Carraba’s a “safe” food restaurant for me because they use only olive oil for cooking.  I must have been wrong in that assumption because I had some food that was deep fried and was sick the rest of the night.  It was probably fried in vegetable oil which usually contains soybean oil…a no-no.

I think I will have to stick to eating at home and forgo the restaurants.

Positive:  My cholesterol is down to 130 because I am eating home cooked foods.


8 thoughts on “This is my life

  1. Come to Jakes I’ll take care of you. Most issues we have at Jakes are people asking about gluten and nuts. Having family with food issues I feel their pain

  2. How sad for you and your dh that you had such a reaction to what should have been a celebration. However, congratulations on the good grades! You’ve worked hard for them.

  3. Oh, UGH! And hugs. Wish these places would learn that they are turning away good customers who are just unfortunate enough to have food allergies!!

  4. I know its hard and can be very frustrating. Sometimes you just want a night off, but it backfires! so sorry. Prayers for you continue. Congratulations on finishing up this semester.

  5. I am so sorry you have so many problems findin a decent restaurant. You may have to go gourmet . I’m so sorry you experienced a difficult time of it. Special prayers as always.

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