The End…And The Beginning

Here is a year in review using the first sentence written in each month’s blog entry.  I’ve not been too active with writing this past year.  Perhaps I can rectify that next year.  And that is NOT a “New Year’s Resolution!!”  Can’t stand them ’cause I never keep them.  LOL!

Dear readers, thank you for your continual visits to my blog and wishing you and yours the Year 2008 to one of joyousness, laughter, fulfillment, and blessings from God.

Love, Philippa


January 2007:  Can it be it has been nearly a week and a half since my last post?! Time surely does fly. 

February 2007: Here you go folks!

March 2007: My dear daughter was shocked to speechlessness when I told her about the arrest of her former middle school assistant, now head, principal. 

April 2007: It was a long week last week.

May 2007: While perusing the various blogs I like to read, I enjoyed Laura’s post for today.

June 2007: Your Scholastic Strength Is Deep Thinking

July 2007: …life has continued at a whirlwind pace.  

August 2007: Am not feeling too spunky this evening.

September 2007: The hubster is recovering nicely from his ankle tendon surgery so far.

October 2007:  STRASBOURG, October 3, 2007 ( – In his first visit to the Council of Europe on a     mission to discuss inter-religious dialogue, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Alexy II, gave a spirited defence of Christian morality.

November 2007: Hybels says Willow Creek made a mistake.

December 2007: The Lehigh Valley has a new Triple A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies named “The Iron Pigs.”


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