Marco Island, Florida

To say the hubster and I have been busy since December 31st, is to say “the sky is blue.” I think we have redefined the word.

One treat we gave ourselves was a winter respite to Marco Island, FL which is south of Naples and is on the Gulf of Mexico. The weather was unbelievably beautiful; warm with highs of 81, clear blue skies, and blue green water.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.


The above photo gives you a good look from our balcony. We overlooked the pool area and the beach. The sand was so white! I collected some beautiful shells.


This is one of the beautiful sunsets we viewed each night.  Incredible!


Here is yours truly holding a 28 month old alligator.  Yes, he mouth was rubber-banded shut!  He has 800 teeth!  Do you think I am nuts?!?!  Did you know that an alligator’s tongue is attached to the bottom of his mouth?  That is so he doesn’t bite it off!


Here I am, once again, making friends with a white cockatoo.  He likes to snuggle and have his back scratched.  I was amazed at how friendly he was!


The above photo is of a big Mommy alligator in her natural habitatin the Everglades.  She was HUGE and mistook the branch for a snack!


We met Mr. Pelican on his perch when on a fan-boat ride through the Everglades.  What a silly looking bird he was.

In all it was a lovely time. Hopefully I will have some photos of the wave-runner tour Phil and I took when we came across a pod of dolphins.

It’s nice to be home.  Classes start tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Marco Island, Florida

  1. Annie ~ that’s a neat little poem. I’ve not heard it before.

    Ian ~ I was only as brave as the rubber bands were strong!

  2. Oh my: you’re braver than I am with the alligator! Looks like an absolutely wonderful place, and a wonderful trip.

    All the best for the studies.

  3. A wonderful bird is the pelican.
    His beak can hold more
    Than is belly can.

    This was not by Ogden Nash but by Dixon Lanier Merritt. I always thought it was Ogden Nash.

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