With the dophins

Here are the promised photos of the hubster and I on the wave runner (also known as ‘jet ski’) tour.


Here is the hubster and I on the wave runner.  In the background is the shore line and hotels on Marco Island.  This gives a good picture of how far off shore we were riding.  The water was very calm with no waves at all and approximately 65 degrees F (18.33 degrees C).  A bit chilly for swimming!


At first glance, this looks like a really good picture of the hubster’s arm.  But follow the line of sight, and you will see the back of a dolphin.  We were so close!  Amazing!


The person on the right on the picture was our tour guide standing in his wave runner calling to us to “Look!  Dolphin!”  We did!  If you look between the guide and the hand on the left, right in the middle you will see another dolphin.  They were so close!!


In this photo you must look carefully.  In the trees on the left you can see a very big nest.  In the tree top on the right you can see who lives there; a mama Osprey.  She had a fish in her talon to feed her chicks, which didn’t want to pop their heads up over the nest four viewing pleasure.


This was a very interesting site.  It is a dilapidated concrete house that was built on the tip of the island.  At one time, it had a beach front of more than 100 yards (91 m).  Now it was significantly less.  The owner built it to withstand hurricanes and to be self sufficient.  It had a water storage tank that took salt water and desalinated it, a storage tank that collected rain water, and other food storage containers.  The reason for this was because it is only accessible by boat!  Unfortunately Hurricane Wilma took most of the beach front.  And then another hurricane took it down to the current state of decay.  The tour guide thought he had heard someone was buying it and would be restoring it.  Might make a nice hermitage, no?


This last picture shows the hubster and I following our tour guide through one of the water ways in the Barrier Islands of the 10,000 Islands.  Very cool mangrove forests, beautiful birds and thanks be to God…no snakes.

I really enjoyed this tour a lot and would love to do it again.  I enjoyed Marco Island a lot too and hope we return someday for another winter break.


3 thoughts on “With the dophins

  1. I’m so glad you had a wonderful tim in the sun,along with your romp with the dolphins. I have never seen one in my trek. The closest Dad & I ever got to any marine life was a river near the Villas when we encountered a big ugly with her baby. It was so exciting, but I can’t remember its name.
    Love You

  2. Great photos — thanks for sharing! And you were so close to that dolphin!

    And it does look like an amazing place to holiday.

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