You know it has been a long time since you wore your snow boots when you put your foot inside it, feel a bump, take your foot out, reach in and pull out a tiny (dead) mole.  UGH!  Said boots are in the trash!  I shall be shopping at the end of the season for a new pair.


5 thoughts on “Boots

  1. Oh my good gosh! Well now is a good time to get new snow boots on sale since Spring is coming. Best place for snow boots is in your closet stuffed with tissue. I learned that one from AB because of a similar experience w/mice. wittle tiney wee ones to boot.

  2. I live at the end of a gravel road right up against a pine woods, so little creatures are part of life around here. Naturally, I have several cats for the obvious reason. One night I was up late because I couldn’t sleep, and I noticed my cats focused on my husband’s work boots that had been left under the dining room table. I got a flash light and looked down into that boot and spied a “wee sleekit, tim’rous, cow’rin’ creetur” just shivering from fright. I took the boot outside and “emptied” it in the yard. I don’t know if that “wee sleekit creetur” found its way back into my house or not, but at least he had a chance. He was a cute little fella.

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