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Suzie’s Meanderings tagged me with a music meme.  Hmmm…this will be difficult as $100 isn’t much to spend on CDs.  I already have a bunch of Rod Stewart so that’s off the list, but here it goes:

What if you had a $100 gift card to the music store of your choice, what would you buy??

I shopped at Amazon….where else!?!!!

The Beatles:  Abbey Road ($13.97)

The Beatles:  Let It Be ($13.97)

Allman Brothers Band:  A Decade of Hits ($9.00)

Phantom of the Opera:  Original London Cast ($29.97)

The Gospel According to Matthew:  Bishop Hilarion (No price)


Beach Boys – 20 Good Vibrations, The Greatest Hits (Volume 1) by The Beach Boys ($10.97)

Beach Boys - The Greatest Hits Vol. 2: 20 More Good Vibrations  

Beach Boys – The Greatest Hits Vol. 2: 20 More Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys ($14.99)

The Essential Barbra Streisand:  Barbra Streisand ($13.97)

Barbra Streisand:  Greatest Hits ($10.00)

Good Morning Vietman:  Original Soundtrack ($10.00)

Spent:  $97.00

Tagged:  S-P, Max, Cuz David, Cuz Pete, Uncle Curmudge, Louise, Annieroo.  I know some of you don’t have blogs so post your list in the comments!  Happy shopping!


3 thoughts on “Music Meme Tag

  1. I tried to make a list but I have so many of my favorite artists already in my collection. I didn’t think it fair to add music I already had. If I didn’t have any music, then you would get to the list of my favorites. 🙂

  2. Uncle Curmudge has so many CD’s in the box that never get played. With a coupon to Hastings he’d probably buy books.

  3. I know I wan’t tagged, however that Susie is a girl after my own heart. If I may add, Roy Orbison and Josh Groban to your list. I have a couple of other really good artists but right at this moment cannot recall them to mind. I hate Chemo.

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