The weather is cold and rainy.  I don’t mean a drizzly, steady rain.  I mean a pouring buckets rain!  We are due 2 to 3 inches in the next 12 to 18 hours.  THAT is a lot of water which will result in small stream flooding and more likely than not, the river overflowing its banks.  March has definitely come in like a lion!

On our drive home from West Virginia Sunday, I could see a tinge of red blush on some of the tree tips living on the mountainsides.  Spring!  Even the weeds are impatient for Spring to arrive.  They are popping their little heads up.

The garden needs major attention this Spring and Summer.  I doubt I will have the time to attend to it thus have spoken to the hubster about finding a landscaper to take care of getting it back into order.  Over the next week or so I will begin calling around, making appointments and plotting what needs to be done.

The Summer class schedule has been released.  I am perusing the offerings and found two classes which will satisfy the last two requirements I have need of filling.  One is for the Literature requirement.  I am contemplating taking a course called Renaissance Imagination.  The course description says,

A study of the writing and other popular art forms of Renaissance England, with attention to the newly articulated stress on self and the emergency of Tudor England as a world power.

This class sounds like it is right up Mimi’s alley!

The second requirement to be filled is to take a History class whose content focuses before 1789.  There is a class entitled From England to the United Kingdom c. 1399-c.1800.   The description says:

This course emphasizes the consolidation of national monarchies in England and Scotland, as contrasted with the politically subordinate position of Ireland, and the often conflicted interactions of their peoples.  the effects of the Reformation, 17th Century constitutional conflicts stemming from the Anglo-Scottish dynastic union of 1603, the growth of an English/British Empire, and the subordination of Scotland (1701) and Ireland (1800) to England are all principle themes, as is the impact of the American and French Revolutions.

Hmm…it seems Mimi would like that one too!

Naturally I have to check with my advisor to make sure theses classes fulfill the requirements I hope they do.  If that is so, then I have only 5 more classes and they ALL will be electives!  Woot!

Almost done….


3 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. Hae a great summer. I’m glad I have Pete here to take care of the garden plot and he lawn. He has the tomato plants already started. We could sure use some of that rain.

  2. Oh, I remember those laaaaaaast feeeeeeeew classes before finally getting that much-coveted piece of paper that tells the world you have a brain (YOU know that, and I know that, but to the Great Unwashed, we’re amoebas without the Piece of Paper). Once you get it, it will line your dresser drawer very satisfactorily (at least mine does), but you will KNOW you have it. And that knowledge puts you in a whole ‘nother sphere. Hang in there!

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