The Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day parade is Sunday.  My niece, RP, does Irish dancing and was featured, along with her dance troup, on the local CBS station yesterday morning.  The picture isn’t the greatest but you can view the video here.  She is the one in the middle with the teal/red dress.

If it doesn’t pop up, do a search on “get jiggy” (include the quotes) and it will show up.

Way to go RP!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I was so excited to see our beloved Granddaughter dance in th St Patrick’s Day Parade. The girl has real talent We are so lucky. All our Grandbabes are talented in one way or another. Praise the Lord.

  2. Seems to me I did at least one year of that too with Roxanne Spilde and crew. The girls remind me of the group we saw as guests of the Chieftains we saaw at the Bass Hall in Fort Worth during the honeymoon.

  3. Great bit. Our youngest sons did that dance years ago at the Red Lodge Festival of Nations. Pete recognized it right off. He, Paul, and Will were all involved. I still remember fondly Will singing Mother McCree when Betty and I were in the audience.

  4. What great dancers, especially the one in the middle with the teal/red dress! DAnce ON, RP!!

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