Allergist visit & more

Today I skipped into the allergist’s office (well not literally!) because I knew the good news he had for me.  I was anxious to tell him that I have felt good for the last 4 or so months and wanted to do food trials with the hope of being able to add back a few of the fruits I’ve been unable to eat the last year.

The doc was really pleased with the endoscopy results which showed zero eosinophils (allergans in the esophagus).  He pointed out the gastro doc’s question mark next to the notations “History (?) of eosinophil esophagitis…”  The gastro doc questioned the fact that I have a history of this new diagnosis?  For goodness’ sake!  The gastro doc was the one who diagnosed it 12 months ago!  Geesh!

Since my weight has been stable for 6 months and I am feeling just fine…thankyouverymuch…I have his permission to test some foods.  One at a time.  And “don’t try the stuff you reacted strongly to in the discovery phase!” 

This is all good news to me and the struggle of the last year has been worth it.  I can say with confidence that I feel the healthiest I’ve ever felt in years.  My skin has cleared up.  My hair is growing rapidly.  Every time she sees me to do my hair, my sister (who is my hair stylist!) is amazed at how healthy my hair is and how rapidly it has grown.  In less than a year it has gone from very short to collar length.  I even put it in a ponytail today!  I haven’t done that in 18 years!  I’m so excited!  I’m looking forward to when it is long enough to french braid it or other sorts of pretty ways.

It is hard to believe Great Lent has begun.  I love being in church every night of the week.  I especially love The Canon of St. Andrew, the tones, the words, the solemnity of it all. 

Tonight I told the hubster that I am slowly learning the truth of what my dear spiritual big brother has said to me over and over, which he received from Blessed Fr. Sophrony, “God intends that maledictions be benedictions.”  It is true.  What we view as a difficulty, a sadness, or sorrow is, in truth, a benediction.  A blessing from God.  My food allergies, the difficulties in my emotional interior, so many things…all I see now as blessings.

For my Lenten reading I’ve decided to explore Wounded by Love by Fr. Porphyrios.  What are you reading?


7 thoughts on “Allergist visit & more

  1. Glad to hear things are going well.

    I’m reading Fr. Alexander Schmemann’s “Great Lent.” (Actually, I’m almost done, so I’ll perhaps add a book!)

  2. Wonderful, wonderful news; thanks be to God!

    I have just read ‘Wounded by Love’ : a great book. I am reading Fr Hopko’s ‘The Lenten Spring’ and I will also read some of the steps of my patron saint’s ‘The Ladder of Divine Ascent’. I am also reading various fiction.

  3. Wonderful news that things are going so well!

    Right now, I’m reading as my morning readings Kh. Frederica’s First Fruits of Prayer and Metropolitan Hirorotheos (sp?)’ Illness and Cure of the Soul and my other book is War and Peace

  4. [Philippa], that is such good news! I really loved the quote too.

    I am reading Lament of Eve and Trial of Job Both are small books.

    Shelley – Welcome Home & Many Years. I was received into the Church on Holy Sat. 2006 – its a very special memory.

  5. I’m reading Entering the Orthodox Church, a catechism, as I will be baptized and chrismated on Holy Saturday morning! I’m so glad to hear your malediction has revealed its true self!

  6. What wonderful news !!!!!

    I’m reading Khouria Frederica’s book on the Canon of St Andrew. And the Bible 🙂

    Oh, and The Running Years by Claire Rayner (old but good)
    and Mort by Terry Pratchett and The Year of Living Biblically – again.

  7. Such good news. Do pray that the diet explorations will go well,and that some of your favorites will now be good food. When you are ready post a picture of the new Trudy on Facebook. I was truly impressed with Kristi’s new look.

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