My Lenten Prayer

“I have made of myself an idol, O Merciful One, and I have defaced my soul with passions but accept me repentant, and draw me to knowledge, that I fall not as prey or forage for the enemy, but do Thou thyself, O Savior, pity me.”

~Thursday~ Canon of St. Andrew


3 thoughts on “My Lenten Prayer

  1. I’m reading Frederica Mathewes-Green’s “First Fruits of Prayer”, which breaks down the Great Canon into 40 daily devotional chunks. The Canon is amazing and quite powerful. I wish I could participate in church service containing it, but there’s that whole home-front issue.

  2. I agree with JCurmudge, that one is often in my head.

    But, the Canon of St. Andrew, every year I am blown away anew.

  3. And if I were to cite a Lenten Prayer it would be my constant prayer: “I believe, O Lord. Help thou my unbelief.”

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