Life Expectancy Calculator

Found this cute little tool on a discussion board.  Not sure how accurate it is and of course, it doesn’t take into account the “God’s Will” factor at all.  None the less, an amusing 5 minute diversion.

My results:

Biological Age:  49; Virtual Age:  39.5

Average Life Expectancy:  76; My Life Expectancy:  85.5

How about yours?


9 thoughts on “Life Expectancy Calculator

  1. Biological Age: 44
    Virtual age: 47.7
    Your life expectancy: 71.3

    I think I need to cut down on the stress and donuts.

  2. I’m doomed. 😛

    Biological age: 37 [well, I will be on 10 April, so close enough]
    Virtual age: 40.1
    Average life expectancy: 75
    Your life expectancy: 71.9

  3. Mimi ~ You must be taking really good care of yourself girl to rate such a young age! What is your secret? Cmon…give it up!!

  4. Mimi perhaps if you gave up Duran Duran you’d grow up a bit


    I have no idea why it tipped so young, I can assure you I certainly don’t feel fifteen. You couldn’t pay me to feel fifteen again, actually!

  5. Well I took it and it doesn’t look to bad for an old guy with aortic heart valve problems.

    real age: 83
    virtual age: 81.1
    average life expect: 89
    My life expect.: 90.9

    And today I am 30473 days old. What a Good Friday

  6. I’m supposed to live until 90.8. We’ll have to do something about that — I only one person in her 90s who has a good outlook on life. All the rest are just waiting to die, and very grumpy about it.

  7. Mine ended up too young but not nearly as young as our teenager here (tee-hee):

    real age: 44
    virtual age: 30.6
    average life expect: 75
    My life expect.: 88.4

    If I was to say how old I *feel* it would be around 36-38, but I guess that doesn’t count.

    Mimi perhaps if you gave up Duran Duran you’d grow up a bit 😉

  8. Oh wait, mine ended up totally way young, somehow. I don’t know how that worked.

    Anyway – real age 35
    virtual age – 15.3 (see??????)
    average age – 74
    calculated age 93.7

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