Kitchen Time & Grandparent Visits

No doubt, dear Reader, you are wondering what in the world a kitchen timer has to do with a visit to the Grandparent’s house.  Would it help to tell you that it involves the Grandson?

Saturday the Hubster, 27-year-old Son and I visited the hubster’s parents for a short afternoon visit and dinner.  Hubster-mom (aka Grandmom) arrived home Friday after a long hospital stay for pneumonia and subsequent weakness.   We were thrilled to see how good she looked.  Her color was good.  She was perfectly coiffed, had matching earrings and necklace which complimented her outfit.  She was stylin’!  She ate a hearty meal which indicated her waning appetite was returning.  She was chatty and engaged in humor-filled bantering.

At the end of our visit and saying good-bye, we got in the car to head home.  Chuckling under his breath, Son said, “We have 10 minutes to get down the highway.”  The Hubster and I chuckled, knowing what Son was referring to.

Ten minutes down the highway, the Hubster’s cell phone rang.  Son laughed aloud saying, “That’s Auntie.  It went off as planned!”  True enough it was Auntie laughing away and telling us Grandmom said, “That Boy!  He remembered!”  Grandmom was mighty pleased.

You see Grandmom and Auntie each have a kitchen timer that is digital and in silence ticks off the minutes.  Since Son was 5 years old, he would set the kitchen timer to go off long after we departed from our visit.  Often times as much as 20 or 30 minutes.  And the Grandparent response was always, “Oh that Grandson!  There he goes AGAIN!”

Now it has become a tradition.  And it made Grandmom’s day!

We love you Grandmom and Grandpop!


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