“Let Us Love the Church Fervently”

“Let us feel for the Church.  Let us love her fervently.  We should not accept to hear her representatives being criticised and accused.  On the Holy Mountain the spirit in which I was nurtured was orthodox, profound, holy and silent – without conflicts, without disputes and witout censurings.  We should not give credence to those hwo make accusations against the clergy.  Even if with our own eyes we see apriest doing something we judge negatively, we should not blieve it, nor think about it, nor talk about it toothers.  The same is true for the lay members of the Church and for every person.  We are all the Church.  Those who censure the Church for the errors of her representatives with the alleged aim of helping to correct her make a great mistake.  They do not love the church.  Neither, needless to say, do they love Christ.  We love the Church when we embrace with our prayer each of her members and do what Christ did – when we sacrifice ourselves, remain ever vigilant, and do everything in the manner of Him who when he was abused did not return abuse, and when He suffered did not threaten (1 Pet 2:23).”

Wounded by Love:  The Life & the Wisdom of Elder Prophyrios (p91-92)


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  1. I recall reading this and wondering: I did want to believe it, but I could not. I meant to speak to my priest and ask about it, but forgot: thank you for reminding me of my need to do this.

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