Ant update

After a thorough cleaning, the office looks and smells fabulous.  It seems, other than a few stragglers, the ants are gone. 

Susie-Q removed all the ink cartridges from the printer and put them in a zip lock bag.  She reinstalled all new.  The ziplock has a half-dozen ants crawling around.  It appears one of the cartridges was infested during shipping despite being sealed.  Must have been infested during the refill.

Totally gross, very true.

As future reference to readers, should you get ants in the house, a cheap solution given me by an exterminator is to sprinkle a line of baking soda at the entry point.  They won’t crawl over it.  I have also used Avon’s skin-so-soft sprayed around the entry points and that has worked as well.

Thanks for the idea Mother BUT I’ll take a pass on that idea!  I don’t think we want the office smelling like garlic. 


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