Another “gas”sy thought

While perusing the news, I found this interesting article.  It appears, compared to many other countries, we’re hardly paying anything for gasoline.  However, I wonder how many of these countries are as dependent as we are on gas?  And what does that have to say about us?


4 thoughts on “Another “gas”sy thought

  1. I bought 38 litres (10 US gallons) of gas yesterday and it only set me back about $85 (at the market trading rate of exchange – would be more like $90 if you were a tourist changing money).

  2. Do you have those strange weekly price hikes like we do down here in Sydney?: petrol goes up by 10 or 15 cents each Wednesday, and then gradually goes down again. Odd.

    And while you may still have cheaper petrol, I am sure it still hurts those who can least afford it.

  3. I got gas today in Billings at #$3.47 per gallon. I started to say “filled up”, but 5.9 gallons is hardly a fill-up. I buy often to beat next days increase.

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