Se hace el semestre.

The semester is done!  I took my Spanish final Tuesday night and emailed my final essay on Richard Nixon at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday!  YAY!

I was not pleased at the conclusion of the Spanish final.  Though it was simple, I struggled with direct and indirect objects and reflexive verbs, which was no different than what was happening semester long, despite studying.  Very frustrating.  I am interested to know my grade on the exam.

The essay on Nixon was not as difficult as I had first thought it would be.  We needed to address the question “What are my conclusions regarding Richard Nixon’s place in U. S. History?  Was he the most influential individual in the latter part of the 20th century as Robert Dole thinks?  Was he a character gone bad?  Does the good he did outweigh the bad?  Or visa versa?” As I said to my professor, it’s killing me but I am concluding that he had some admirable qualities and during his administration put into place some very good domestic policies.  However, that did not and does not replace his attitude of “the ends justify the means.”  I am very interested to read the professor’s thoughts when he returns my essay.

The summer semester doesn’t start till the end of May so I have two weeks respite.  First on deck will be a Contemporary Fiction class.  A preliminary reading list for the class is:

  • Fay by Larry Brown
  • Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
  • The Pacific & Other Stories by Mark Helprin
  • Beloved by Toni Morrison
  • In Country by Bobbie Ann Mason

Have you read any of these titles?  If so, opinions?

To my utter frustration, I have had to succumb to seeing an orthopedist for my right elbow.  I have a raging case of tendinitis that I have not been able to kick these last 6 weeks.  It has gotten bad enough that to pick up a glass of water and drink it causes some discomfort, enough that a groaning escapes my lips.  I know what the doc is gonna tell me.  Don’t use the arm.  Yeah, right!  And how do I do that since I am right handed and a keyboard is right dominant AND I am a secretary/office manager?!?!  I have visions of physical therapy three times a week, ice packs, and anti-inflammatory treatments.

Speaking of which, the hubster and I went to the fitness center at the college where he works twice this week.  It is available free to employees and students.  We are planning a grand vacation in 2009 for our 25th wedding anniversary and want to be in better physical shape than we are when we embark on it.  So he showed me the ropes.  I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes and got the heart rate to 130.  Then he showed me some of the weight lifting machines.  I could do stuff for the lower body but stayed away from the upper body stuff for now.  We had fun together!  While it is a major hassle to go, once I am there I am okay.  I like using the treadmill.  It is a good opportunity for prayer.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!


6 thoughts on “Se hace el semestre.

  1. I had trouble with my hand, but my MD prescribed Meloxicam, and it went away, thank God. Otherwise, fit.

    Talking about health, Nicky’s cousin Denise is having a second bout with ovarian cancer. Pray for her. Me, it has been CRAZY since Easter. Easter at Jordanville, the Unity Service at St Nick’s last week in the City, and the Tulip Fest in Albany this weekend, and I am now vegging out in a major way. Oh yes, the Greek Fest next weekend. NO REST FOR THE WEARY!

    Best wishes to you, dear. Bog blagoslovit.


  2. Happy Mothers’ Day to you!

    I have heard good things about Fight Club [but, as above, that it was violent]. I have not read it though.

  3. Good luck with the work outs. Remember 30 minutes of some something is better than a lot of nothing. When I ruptured my Achilles Tendon I did my rehab at Rocky with the physical therapy students they learned and I got better. Maybe can work something out with the college

  4. I guess that my right forefinger trouble is somewhat less irritating than your elbow, but I do have trouble turning on the outdoor faucet,and have to pick up my coffee cup with the thumb and middle finger.

    I’ve been mostly into mysteries lately: Martin Cruz Smith, Harlen Coben, Micheal Gruber, Robin Cook, etc.

  5. Happy, Happy Mother’s Day, my friend! You do it well! And, congratulations on the end of the semester.

    I really enjoyed In Country it’s been a long time since I read it, but parts of it still stay with me, and I really liked it. I read it as a late teenager, so I supsect that it would hit me in a different place oh these many years later.

  6. I watched Fight Club and it is a very good (but violent) movie… however, I can’t imagine it as a book. I’m intrigued. Please let us know if its any good.

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