Happy Mother’s Day!

If you look very, very carefully in the first picture down below, you can see a tiny glimmer of white and yellow. They are the Mama Bird’s eye and beak! She flew away when my friend, Obvious Ron, tried to move a leaf to get a good picture of her. This allowed a perfect picture of 4 perfectly blue eggs! How wonderful!

I hope all Mom’s, Grandmom’s, and spiritual mom’s had joyous days. Read on for mine…

My day was wonderfully uneventful but special nonetheless. DS came home yesterday to spend the night and visit but especially to carry out the Mother’s Day tradition he and his sister have done since they were 9 or so. It was delightful to see him. He has decided to let his hair grow a little longer than the buzz cut he has worn for the last 8 years. It is still short by today’s standards but he has the stylin’ goin’ on at the top. His hair is very wavy so he’s lookin’ good!!

Church was first on-deck and joyous as always. Today was craft-day in Sunday school so we made presents for our Mom’s…little painted styrofoam cups with pipe cleaner flowers and tongue depressor stems. They were cute!

Liturgy was blessed. Father’s sermon about Noble Joseph was very good and thought provoking. He talked about the symbolism of Jesus being laid in a new tomb and Joseph’s new and complete commitment to Jesus evidenced by his going to Pilate to ask for His body for burial. We each take Christ into our new hearts and give Him rest therein. It is good for me to contemplate this not so much for the idea of “newness” but more so the “kind” of residence I provide for Christ in my heart.

Coffee hour was brief but I was able to catch up with a couple whose daughter is in need of receiving instruction for her first confession. It is a blessing and privilege for me to do this preparation as her Sunday school teacher, but it is one that I do not take on lightly but with fear and dread. One does not want to be responsible for leading a child astray, even out of ignorance! Pray for me!

Home I went afterwards to my patiently awaiting son who sprung into cooking action once I got myself settled. He took my order: BLT on homemade bran bread with a side of french fries and hot tea! Delectable! And young man (I can no longer call him a boy!) cooked, emptied the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards! (Have I said I LOVE this tradition?!!!!) He gave me a wonderful card that made me tear up and laugh at the same time. It is one of those kind that you keep forever and read over frequently.

We then spent the afternoon traipsing around the home/warehouse store looking and purchasing new lighting fixtures for the house. The hubster and I have decided we want to fix up the house so that we can live in it and enjoy it…not do it 3 months before you sell it and move like we’ve done in the last 3 houses we’ve owned! LOL! After that trip, we headed to the mall for me to look for shoes. Always an effort in frustration, this time was no different. I tried on 12 or 13 pairs of shoes (no exaggeration!) and not a single one fit! NONE! I have strange feet – they are different sizes; a narrow heel; and the need of a wide toe box. Try to find spring/summer shoes that fit that bill. Forget it! BUT I shall not give up! When I find a pair that fit, I am going to buy two sets!!

Mama Bird in HidingMama Bird\'s soon-to-be babies


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