A+ day

Today was my 6 month regular check-up at my family doctor.  Have I ever said I double pink puffy heart my doctor?  He is mahvelous!

Bloodwork:   Cholesterol down from 183 to 172.  Trigyclerides:  34.  HDL:  64.  LDL: 101 (down from 167 three years ago).  Ratio: 2.7.  Weight:  117 (up 5 pounds in 6 months).  Doctor’s verdict:  ‘perfect!’  He said that I am now on cruise control and to keep doing whatever it is that I am doing to be so healthy.  As he shook my hand he said, “You’ve worked hard these last three years and have become a different person.  I’m proud of you!”

Also today I went for my first occupational therapy appointment for my acute epicondylitis (acute tennis elbow).  I have to wear a wrist splint and elbow splint until the acute inflammation in my elbow calms down.  Today, and twice a week for the next month or two, I will have heat, ultra sound with anti-inflammatory creme, stretches, massage and ice done to my elbow.  The therapist said, “Rest is the key.  NO needlework!  NO crocheting!  NO lifting heavy things!  When you pick something up, keep your elbow close to your body.  Put your desk items close to you so you do not need to reach to pick them up.  NO, NO reaching and picking things up because that aggravates that tendon.”  Okay already!  I promised to be a good girl so I can get back to the things I enjoy.

Oh…and he told me to move the mouse to my left hand.  NO mousing with the right!  I double dog dare you to try that out for 5 minutes!  I’m getting proficient!

And was it not an extra blessing that my therapist, Jason, is Russian Orthodox?!!!!  Out of a room of 20 therapists, I get the one that is Orthodox.  Unbelievable!  God takes care of even the little things.


5 thoughts on “A+ day

  1. Oh, no, just when everything else is starting to go so great, this tennis-elbow thing crops up! Middle age stinks, doesn’t it?! But I am so glad you have something in common with your therapist. How on earth did you two find out you share the Faith?!

  2. Wow, I have tried moving my mouse with the left hand before and I can’t! Good luck and God bless with all these adaptations. And, how cool to have an Orthodox brother to help you with this. Neat!

  3. Maybe I’ll try that left handed mouse thing. I don’t have a really bad problem, but I can certainly tell when I’ve been too long at the keyboard.

  4. So glad to hear all this good stuff, Athanasia! Yep, using the computer mouse with your left hand is a challenge, but (as you’ve already found out) you can do it. When I had to start doing everything with my left hand a couple of years ago when I tore my right rotator cuf, my dh kep telling me that by having to switch to my left hand, I was using the non-dominant half of my brain, and this “brain exercise” was a help to resist Alzheimer’s Disease! (That is in my family, so I think about it.) So, when you feel frustrated about fumbling around with your left hand, think of all the new brain muscles you’re developing!

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