A weekend of tears and remembrances

For the Memorial Day weekend, the hubster and I traveled to Ohio to visit with two college friends, Xavier & Yak (names have been changed to protect the innocent).  Both friends are from the hubster’s college days.  Both are good men.

Xavier’s wife reposed last fall from a two year fight with cancer.  She left behind two children (DD & DS).  Xavier asked the hubster to preach at his church Sunday because it was Xavier’s wife’s birthday and he just knew it would be a tough day for that reason alone.  Hubster preached a good sermon (as usual) called A Song in the Dark, based on the passage in Acts where Paul & Silas are arrested, beaten and chained in prison, yet they prayed and sang hymns.

Yak and Xavier’s wife were brother and sister.  So Yak had his own sadness for the loss of his sister, along with other personal things that are bringing great grief.

While ‘da boys’ were on the back porch smoking a cigar and imbibing in some refreshing ale, I was inside chatting it up with DD and her boyfriend.  We covered all manner of topic, especially about her mom.  God provided more than a few opportunities for me to tell this DD that her feelings were normal, her sadness was okay to have, to not stuff the tears and grief, and many other “motherly” things.  She was very grateful as was her darling boyfriend.  I have now been “friended” on Facebook by them both!

It was a weekend of many emotions.  I had my own feelings, remembering hubster #1, a Navy diver.  It was good to have them for they lent credibility to my conversation with the DD mentioned above.  She did not know this secret thing about me.

We laughed a lot.  We shed more than a few tears.  We commiserated over the condition of the world, the children in it, the quality of students, and other sundry things.  We ate the most delicious pizza after seeing the new Indiana Jones movies.  (I’m still trying to wrap my brain around Harrison Ford being 65!!)  Xavier is learning to be quite the cook so we ate very well!  And I made friends with a kitty.

The weekend also afforded me the opportunity to rest the elbow so I went into therapy today with little discomfort when at rest.  They used a new treatment modality on me.  Something called Ionto Phoresis, or something like that.  It worked really, really well.  I have very little pain even after one treatment.  I am much encouraged!

More tomorrow after my Contemporary Lit. class.  Our first book we are reading is Mark Helprin’s The Pacific and Other Stories.  If you’ve not read this book, run…do not walk…to your nearest bookstore or library and get a copy.  He is an excellent writer and has a magical way with words.  I am not a fan of short stories, but this book is full of wonderful ones.  I never, never laugh aloud when reading.  One story had me falling off my chair laughing and in tears by the end!  A rare author can do that to me!

All for now!


3 thoughts on “A weekend of tears and remembrances

  1. It does sound like a good weekend, and I am glad that you were able to share all those emotions with all those people who you love.

    Awesome on the physical therapy.

    I ordered “In Country” for a re-read, I shall add the Helprin book to my list as well.

  2. {{HUGS}} to you, Phillipa. A ‘weekend of emotions’ can be very cathartic. Sounds like all of you benefited much. I’m so very glad that you were able to ‘speak motherly things’ to DD and her BF.

    Hooray for your progress on your physical therapy! Keep it up; soon you’ll be pain free.

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I’m currently compiling a summer reading list… perhaps I’ll look a bit further into Helprin’s book.

    Poor Yak – what was his mother thinking!?? 😉

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