It’s not my fault

Here we go dear Readers.  Once again, when something fails or doesn’t go according to plan, it is always someone else’s fault.

Hillary failed at her bid for the Democratic nomination because it was her husband’s fault.  Of course, it had nothing to do with her, or her own speeches, her own style, or her own politics.  It was all Bill’s fault.  Don’t misunderstand me dear Reader.  I am no fan of Hillary or Bill, by any stretch of the imagination.  It is the axiom, “someone else’s fault” that drives me absolutely bonkers!

Whatever happened to “take responsibility for your own actions!”??? 


2 thoughts on “It’s not my fault

  1. I. too, am amazed when things go wrong in life, at the tendency to blame someone else. We as a people get so angry that we feel hate in our hearts. Bad feeling. Hate can eat at our souls like and incurable cancer. I feel we really need to pray our little hearts out for all these politicians that make such promises they cannot keep. Unfortunately we are not given too many good people to choose from. I hope I didn’t miss the point.

  2. Memo to the Clintons: Maybe people hate you more than you realized. I mean, anybody who could pull a “mandate” out of 43% of the vote isn’t somebody I’d be inclined to trust, to begin with. Hey, maybe *they* should take your English class — at least they’d have to look up their vocabulary words.

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