Fly little birdie! Fly!

In the middle of May I wrote an entry about a peregrine falcon family nesting atop the PPL building in downtown Allentown.  The mama laid four eggs and they all hatched.  Those wee ones are now 6 weeks old and are nearly fully grown!  They are learning to fly and hunt!  Can you imagine that!? 

Our local paper has a great article with a video feed of the “chicks” who are no longer so chick-like!  It can be found here

Soon they’ll be streaking at speeds up to 200 miles per hour, darting in like pros to nab a fresh songbird or pigeon for supper.  Right now, they’ll settle for not skidding into a dizzy heap of feathers as they practice the art of the smooth landing.

I laughed as I read this!  Just envisioning an adolescent falcon going tail over tea cup with feathers flying in all directions when skidding into the nest learning to land!  Can you picture him righting himself, shaking his head to shake off the dizziness and saying, “Whaaaaaaa!!  Whoaaaaa!  Some landing!!”  LOL!  LOL! 

Enjoy the pics!

Mama keeping her eggs warm!  One little one peeps out!

Four fluffy white chickies!  Look at those talons!

The matured chicks are now learning to fly!


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  1. Can this get any more amazing? Thanks so much for sharing. You can always put a smile on my face by the way you put things into words.

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