War & Protests

While spending 4th of July in upstate New York with the hubster’s sister, we attended a Red Wings baseball game and enjoyed a beautiful fireworks display accompanied by 1970’s rock ‘n roll.  Thinking about the significance of this weekend, the celebration of our independence as a nation and also the revolution that secured it, led me to thinking about the two books I read in my Lit. class that were about the Vietnam War.

As an opener to one class, the professor played two songs, “Born in the USA” by Springsteen and one by Dylan (the title escapes me now).  I read a lot and hear more than a few conversations that deride the Iraq War.  Polls show Bush has the lowest rating of a president in office since LBJohnson.  It struck me then, as well as post-fireworks display Saturday night, where are all the protest songs now?  Where are all the anti-war demonstrations? 

I wonder if the military draft will be re-instituted?  And if so, what will the age limit be?  Will protestors show up then?  Will there be a large exodus to Canada?  I remember asking one young man, “If you were drafted, would you serve?”  Their instant response was, “Hell, no!  I’d head straight to Canada!  I’m not fighting for this country!”

These are thoughts that roll around in my head.  Just wondering is all.


One thought on “War & Protests

  1. You know, as someone who has been against this war from the beginning (before it was cool to be so) and who has teenage sons, yes, I do think that the draft is coming, as we are so overextended.

    Lord have Mercy.

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