More Garden Experiments

Here are more firsts for me.

I planted Gladiola bulbs in May. They are just beginning to bloom!

Red Gladiola
Red Gladiola
Pink Gladiolas
Pink GladiolasRed Gladiolas
Up close & personal with the reds!
Up close & personal with the reds!

5 thoughts on “More Garden Experiments

  1. How lovely !
    Do you ever stake your plants so they don’t get buffeted by the wind ?
    We live by the sea, so our garden gets exposed to some really strong winds, and tall plants just seem to get flattened………..

  2. How pretty. Maybe it’s worth it to plant some myself. Who would have thought such beauty could come from something so insignificant as a bulb?

  3. I am so proud of you. Maybe you got your green thumb from Gram Gertrude, Gram Rosie and Aunt Bobby. AB had marvelous Violets. They were always in bloom. I think the secret is to put them in teacups or small pots so they become pot-bound. Best of luck angel girl.

  4. I’ve always been told that gladiolas are the birth month flower for August, and never knew why growing up, but now that I see them blooming so gorgeously at the end of the summer, I understand it.

    And, the pink one is particularly lovely, but they are all delightful!

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